One Off Custom Drinking Glass by Premier – 35 Marlbes

Drinking is essential to life, and why not enhance your life with a custom hand-blown drinking glass by Elev8 Premier?  If you do not have enough marbles to trade up, this one is available to be made for purchase by Premier.

This set of glasses are made from the Elev8 Premier line of glass color called Butter Glass.  This is a really sweet-colored tubing that has one color of glass inside, and another color on the outside.   Each cup is also created with what is called a lip on each end of the color to make it an encalmo.  What we love about this is that the little line of color transitions all the way to the top of the lip of the handmade glass.

Look at the implosion in the bottom! Steve really made them pop here.  No two are alike.


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